There are a lot of control types that can be considered as popup controls, e.g. Select, Date-Time picker, Modal dialog etc. All these controls have parts that break out of the layout flow and overlap other UI elements. There are well-known methods for achieving the overlap behavior in HTML, but…

In the previous article(“Angular Components with Extracted Immutable State”), I explained why changing component fields without any restrictions is not always good, and also presented a library that allows you to streamline a component state changes.

Since then, I’ve slightly modified its concept and made it easier to use. This…

I noticed that when it becomes necessary to work with SQL databases in .Net applications, developers often chose some ORM library (.Net Entity Framework in most cases) without even considering other alternatives. This is a reasonable decision at first sight, since for popular ORM libraries there are many tutorials, great…

Recently, when I was reviewing the new features that are going to be included in .Net 5, I came across an interesting one — C# Source Generators. …

It was a legacy enterprise project and I was asked to improve its “advanced” filtering capabilities.

Before they had something like this:

Almost 100% of asynchronous tasks that you deal with in your C# code are running or already completed regardless of whether you “await” them or not. This can be shown with the following example:

static async Task Main()
var task = GetValueAsync();
await Task.Delay(500);

One of the Angular core concepts is the update of a component’s DOM in case the framework detects changes in its fields used in the template binding expressions. This is very convenient since it allows changing the component’s view just by updating the corresponding fields without any direct manipulations with…

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